Getting Lotus Traveler to Work With My Droid

by on Nov.17, 2009, under Misc

It took more than a little effort, but I finally got the Motorola Droid to work with Lotus Traveler in order to access my corporate Lotus Notes/Domino email.  It required the use of an application named Touchdown and the careful adjustment of settings.

First, some background.  IBM Lotus released Lotus Traveler for mobile email use.  The product now supports Microsoft ActiveSync and, as announced, works with Windows Mobile devices, the Apple iPhone and a Nokia Symbian device.  That leaves many Android users out in the cold — especially those who migrated to the Verizon Wireless Motorola Droid.  (Ed Brill wrote in his blog that Android support for Traveler is coming.)

The Droid has a built-in free email application that works with ActiveSync.  So, with hope, I attempted to set things up.

  • I learned the hard way that you must not confuse the Domino Domain with a Windows Domain and set-up your user name in the following manner for Domino to see you:

First_Name  Last_Name/Domino Domain

  • Use your Notes password
  • Leave the (Windows) domain field blank
  • Use your traveler URL for the server URL.

Everything logs in and authenticates just fine.  But, the Droid built-in mail insists that it knows better and adds a backslash character in front of your name to signify no domain.  It shows up as:

\First_Name  Last_Name/Domino Domain

Clearly, this does not work.  I tried to create an alias this way.  But, no luck.

Now, on to 3rd party applications.

My second choice was RoadSync from DataViz, the folks that make DesktopToGo.  I already use DesktopToGo, so I have some trust for them.  The application also looks well integrated with the Droid.  It also states in the documentation that it supports HTML mail, attachments and appointments.  All of these are important.

Unfortunately, I kept getting a 404 error.  The documentation for RoadSync does have some limited suggestions, which did not work.  DataViz phone support is also available only from 9AM to 3PM.  So, I missed the window to call.

Courtesy of AppNoodle

Courtesy of AppNoodle

Finally, I moved to Touchdown from NitroDesk.  I must give credit to Goutham Sukumar, the founder of NitroDesk.  He provided significant personal support.  We had several false starts and setting adjustments.  But, he worked with us every day — several times a day — to get things right.  Now, the product appears to be working well.

Touchdown does quickly sync and show the messages, appointments, tasks and contacts.  So, it is useful.   However, it does not work with HTML messages nor with appointments.  These are severe limitations that create concern every time I use the application.  It is much better than nothing.

The interface does not look like the rest of the Droid.  Note the Windows style icons and page formatting.  The new mail icon in the status bar is also very large — which creates problems for other icons looking for a place to live.

Frankly, I will consider a switch when one of the other solutions works properly.  In the meantime, I am jumping up and down with glee over Touchdown support.

I am thrilled to report that the Motorola Droid phone now works with IBM Lotus Domino via ActiveSync and Traveler, with a little help from Touchdown from NitroDesk.

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  • dweiler

    i need some help getting my droid set up with lotus notes. i have put in the correct settings and nothing.

    Please help

  • http://www.dominux.net Dominux

    For RoadSync, the server must be hostname/servlet/traveler

  • http://jeftek.com Jef

    What were the settings you used for TouchDown and Traveler? Do I just use ActiveSync Connection only? If so, in the Connection do I just put the IP/Hostname of the server, do I need the full HTTP address of the server?


  • http://jeftek.com Jef

    What were the settings you used for TouchDown and Traveler? Do I just use ActiveSync Connection only? If so, in the Connection do I just put the IP/Hostname of the server, do I need the full HTTP address of the server?


  • mach5

    Also curious about the settings. Traveler version, HTC Incredible Android 2.1. Setup with hostname/servlet/traveler. Authenticates OK, recognizes Lotus Domino, uses ActiveSync 2.5, but fails refreshing folder. FWIW I get the same error with the HTC Exchange Mail Program:

    [04/29 23:50:01.515] SEVERE DS-005 CN=MyName/O=MyDomain ActiveSyncWorker.doActiveSyncPost#273 Error handling inbound ActiveSync message for command FolderSync. Input data (13 bytes): j VR0  Exception Thrown: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “Unknown”
    java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “Unknown”
    at sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.readJavaFormatString(FloatingDecimal.java:1236)
    at java.lang.Float.parseFloat(Float.java:433)
    at com.lotus.sync.servlet.ActiveSyncSyncSession.handleRequest(ActiveSyncSyncSession.java:161)
    at com.lotus.sync.servlet.ActiveSyncWorker.doActiveSyncPost(ActiveSyncWorker.java:224)
    at com.lotus.sync.servlet.WorkManager$WorkerRunnable$2.run(WorkManager.java:1529)
    at com.lotus.sync.util.ThreadPoolThread.run(ThreadPoolThread.java:326)

  • Anders Andersson
  • http://zixmailencryption.com/ zixmail

    well, The droidStory blog has a post on how to get it working and the trade-offs and … If you are new here, you may want

  • AndyW

    Do you know if this has been fixed/changed in the Android 2.2 release?

  • http://droidstory.com droidStory

    Use ActiveSync ONLY mode
    Enter your traveler server name simply as host.domain.com

  • http://droidstory.com droidStory

    The native Android 2.2 mail app still doesn't work with Lotus Notes Traveler through ActiveSync. Touchdown has been greatly improved over the last few months and works pretty well. There are still some limitations like accepting calendar invites or reading encrypted email.
    IBM has released the first beta of Traveler with native Android support. I plan on checking it out in the next few weeks, time permitting.

  • Asas

    Has anyone actually got Touchdown and Lotus Notes Traveler working? I tried the demo but it insisted that it would only set-up a MS Exchange account.

  • http://twitter.com/JefTek Jef

    Yes it does work, but you have to use the Connection wizard to have it correctly identify it as a traveler server.

  • Anna

    Everyone googles for Touchdown and Notes Traveler, and they come across this page.
    You claim to have Touchdown working, yet offer no details on how you did this.
    Nitrosoftware, when contacted, say that it’ll work (although unsupported), yet offer no details on how to connect. I see that someone noted that the Connections Wizard should be used, yet there is no Connections Wizard on Touchdown. Only a quick set-up.
    Frankly, I smell something.

  • http://twitter.com/JefTek Jef


    I’m sorry if I didn’t provide details, as I’ve abandoned Traveler usage. IBM has their own Android client which does NOT use Activesync, but uses their own SyncML implementation now which might offer more features then their ActiveSync portion. Touchdown worked fine with Exchange, so I think the problem was Traveler though.

    I meant the wizard as the Quicksetup option. It will detect your system as Domino/Traveler during the setup.

    You will also have to tell it to accept the HTTPS cert if you are using a private cert.

    Unfortunately due to the current state of Traveler with missing features for AS, The product from Good Messaging was a better fit for me to gain mobile access to email.

    Good Luck!

  • anonymouse

    The most important detail is missed from your report. Specific settings to get Touchdown to activesync with Domino. I’ve tried for months, and have never managed to do it, and Nitro did not reply to my Emails.

  • anonymouse

    Hi Jef,

    The IBM app for Android is not a viable solution :( It won’t let one add sync the calendar with Android (and then use Android Agenda Widget for aggreate the calendars). Additionally, one has to grant admin rights to the company one works for. This allows then permission to perform a factory reset on your Android phone! Since I bought the phone, then only I should be allowed to factory reset it.

  • anonymouse

    tried this, but no luck :( It used to work (several months ago), but have reconfigure it after a factory reset.

  • anonymouse

    I got Touchdown to work.
    Use the Configuration Wizard, and one has to UNTICK all protocols EXCEPT ACTIVEsync.

  • Neeraj Tewari

    Even now there are many Apps that support Domino on Android and I found one good client called SecureContainer which claim to have support of Domino with Activesync.

  • Hanna Alex

    Has anyone actually got Touchdown and Lotus Notes Traveler working? I tried the demo but it insisted that it would only set-up a MS Exchange account.


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